River des Peres Watershed Coalition

Greening 36 Neighborhoods to Improve, Protect, and Maintain the River!


The mission of the River des Peres Watershed Coalition is to improve, protect, and maintain the River des Peres, its tributaries, and its watershed as a vital natural and cultural resource in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Founded in 2002

Did You Know

The River des Peres is a French term meaning “River of the Fathers,” named by a mission of Jesuit Catholic priests who resided near the confluence of the river with the Mississippi.  The priests were established in 1700 and soon moved south in 1703 to Kaskaskia, probably due to conflict with American Indians in the region.  The conflict started about 60-years after the city of St. Louis was founded.  There is also a city that holds the same name, Des Peres, located on the western portion of St. Louis County.